Thursday, February 4, 2010

Why Can't Men Breastfeed?

I was reading a post at DC Metro Moms, where the author had a newborn and mentioned all the time "wasted" on the couch nursing the baby.  While I do not think this is time wasted (and probably neither does she), I know the phrase.  I would sit on the couch nursing my babies and look around thinking "when I get up, I will clean up that, then wash this, then change out that laundry, and load the dishwasher...".  The lists went on and on with things I wanted to do.  Taking that time to sit down and look around made me see how much needed to be done.  And then I would get all excited about doing these things, but was stuck in place, nursing the baby.  While you can do things and breastfeed, it is an art that takes practice, and the things you can do are limited by the fact that there is a baby hanging off your boob! 

The thing is, if our roles were reversed, I can tell you, my husband would relish that excuse.  I would hear "sorry, I cannot do that right now, I have to breastfeed" all the time.  He would constantly be sitting down, feet kicked up, relaxing.  It is not because he is lazy.  He just does not get as "into" cleaning the house as I do.  Actually, it probably is because he is lazy.  I like nursing and I miss that time, but when I was doing it, I wished my husband could take over so I could get some stuff done!