Friday, March 26, 2010

Chatty Toddler

Holy S! the toddler is talkative.  I realize I should be grateful for every minute of this - but seriously, it is a blessing and a curse.  Maybe even a double curse because with the amount the toddler talks, the baby has no need to get vocal and then we get frustrated because she cannot communicate her wants.  I love love love hearing my toddler's voice and I love her curiosity and amazement with the world.  Hearing her voice her every thought definitely gives me an interesting understanding of how she views the world and the things she sees when she looks around.  It is truly amazing.  She is amazing.

But, wow, there are a lot of questions.  Going to the bathroom last night..."mom, what are you doing?  mom, where are you going?  you are going to the potty?  why am i not going?  why do i not have to pee?  why does the baby pee and poop in diapers?  did the baby poop?  baby, you did a stinky poop!  mom, do you need my potty seat?  mom, what are you doing?  did you pee?  did you wash your hands?"  I took me minutes to go to the bathroom and yet, she managed to get out at least twenty questions/statments.  It it like this ALL the time.  I do not know how one person can have so many thoughts!  And be able to voice every one of them!  WOW! 

So, yeah, I love my toddler.  I love that she talks and communicates so well.  But, sometimes, I wish she came with a mute button!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Last night I went to dinner with an old friend.  We had the most fascinting conversation about talents.  While on vacation with her parents, they got to talking about talents, and her parents each offered what they view as her talents:
1.  Getting things done
2.  Managing things - not necessarily people, but managing different roles and responsibilities

At first we both agreed that these do not seem like talents at all.  Everyone has to do stuff, and most people have a lot of roles to play.  Talents are things like playing the piano, writing, or painting.  As she talked it out with her parents, she started to see their point of view, and as we talked it out last night, I also agreed.  Playing the piano, writing, and painting are creative talents.  Those are great, and I am thoroughly jealous of people who have them.  I do not possess one stinkin' creative bone in my body!  But I am very much like my friend.  We both multitask and manage our roles - working, home life, parenting, schedules, appointments, activities, etc - with relative ease, and we are very good at getting things done.  At first I thought these were not talents because they seem more like an inherent part of my nature.  However, as I thought about it more, I realized, these are skills I honed and continue to work on improving.  They may not be talents I can sell like a painting, but they are talents that have great value to my job and my family.  I regularly tell people I have no talents, but now I see that is not true. 

I see people at work every day simply pushing things off to the side when they do not want to work on a project, or letting things slide because there is an issue they cannot work through easily.  I do not.  I keep a to do list on my desk and update it weekly (if not more often).  My e-mail account is my organizational toolbox - every project is color coded, every e-mail I read and address gets filed in a folder.  If I encounter a roadblock or an issue comes up, I will push through.  I will not let things slip or be forgotten, and if I do get  behind on something, I get anxious and stressed about it until I am back on track.  I generally realize I am behind on stuff and have it rectified before anyone else even realizes there was a delay.  This may sound conceited, like I am tooting my own horn, which I am, but it is not vain.  I just never realized this was a talent I have, and not something everyone can do.  With this knowledge, I am going to try and see people I work with differently.  Perhaps their talents lie elsewhere.  Obviously not being talented at getting things done is no excuse to slack off and I will still complain when things are not done, but I will use my talent to help others instead of looking down on them for being behind.

My ability to multitask is also something I did not see as much of a talent, but rather a necessity given the many roles I play.  It is both.  My husband also has many roles to play, but he does not multitask as well.  I am going to try to relax a bit when he forgets something on the schedule and not be so angry that he cannot keep track of things the way I do.  He has a lot of talents he brings to the marriage (most notably right now, the ability to fix stuff so we do not have to shell out tons of cash at the mechanic!), and I am going to focus on those positive things instead of being so negative.

Last night's conversation was very enlightening for me.  I am excited to see things in a different light, and to realize that for once, I do not have to answer "I have nothing" when people start discussing talents!

Monday, March 22, 2010


My kids are obsessed with boobies!

Seriously, wtf?!

I breastfed both, but only for 6 months. When I was breastfeeding the baby, I understood that the toddler talked about about boobies all the time. It made sense. I have not breastfed in over a year, and she still talks about them. The other day we were eating dinner and toward the end she asked if she could sit on my lap. So sweet. I obliged, and as I am getting her out of her chair, she says "I need to figure your boobies out". What? Yeah...okay.

Then there is the baby. She likes to snuggle with one finger in her mouth and her other hand down my shirt. Especially in church. She is so good and so quiet, which I love, but only when she's got her hand down my shirt. It is either in my cleavage just resting or sitting on the top of my boob, but definitely inside my bra. Weird, right? Not as weird as this weekend, though...I was getting the baby dressed after her bath and was shirt- and bra-less stretching up to get a diaper out of her drawer. I look down and she is staring at my boob (which was hanging right in her face) in awe and then out of nowhere opened her mouth like she was going to breastfeed. I did NOT see that coming!!! I have not nursed the baby in almost 10 months and here she is remembering or instinctively trying to start something! It was weird and fascinating at the same time. I will definitely be keeping my shirt on around her for a while ;)

Family Gatherings

I was reading a blog post the other day that really struck me.  The poster wrote about being invited to her sister-in-law's house for Easter, and being expected to bring "the dinner" (she called it the dinner, but it became apparent that it was really a side or sides).  This poster thought it was ridiculous for someone to expect her to bring a dish.  In her opinion, if you invite people for dinner, you provide the dinner.  All of the dinner.  I am not really commenting on this person's post because I do not know the relationship with the extended family and maybe there are underlying issues there.

In my family, we are all expected to bring dishes to family gatherings.  When we were younger, my mom brought things; now that we are out of the house, we each (the three girls; my brother lives far away and rarely gets to attend) bring dishes.  And, really, there just are not that many to bring, so it is a constant struggle to come up with something creative to bring because all the older people have their signature sides and the rest of us are left floundering.  I am pretty sure I am going to bring a salad - of the green, leafy variety - for Easter because every other damn thing is taken!  So, the way this works in my family (and I mean, extended), is the person hosting provides the ham/turkey and maybe a side or two and some appetizers.  Everyone else provides sides, rolls, desserts.  And there is always a BOATLOAD of food.  No one feels burdened by the responsibility to bring a dish.  Except me (kidding!) - but that is just lack of planning on my part that I am always at the store at the last minute getting stuff together.  I like being part of the group, knowing I contributed to the food.  This works very well and allows us to get together regularly without anyone going broke.

Another interesting (to me) facet to this is the location.  We do Thanksgiving at my mom's; Christmas and Easter at my aunt's.  Always.  If someone else wants to host, they need to get word out way in advance!  At some point in the future, we will have bigger houses, and our parents will get older, and my cousins and sisters and I will take the torch and start hosting holidays and family gatherings.  And someday my girls will do the same.  This tradition may not follow the etiquette rules of hosting dinner, but it is a great tradition, rooted in love.  And I would not have it any other way.

How about you - any family traditions?   Thoughts?

Hello World

I have not blogged in forever.  There is no reason other than it is hard to start a new routine and if there is anything I am good at, it is not following through! 

So, without further ado, I begin again...