Friday, May 21, 2010


Reading is my favorite hobby! I try to read a little every night before bed, but obviously since having children, my nightly hour of reading is down to a few pages most nights. But if the kids are in bed and my husband is watching a show I do not care about (or, worse, working late), I'll head to bed early and cozy up with my book!

My favorite author of all time is: Jodi Piccoult
I own every single book she has written and can barely contain myself from heading to the store the day a new release is on the shelves.

My favorite book of all time is Pillars of the Earth
I really like most everything Ken Follett writes, but this book is my favorite. I used to think it was because my dad gave it to me and said "this is my favorite book", but have since discovered a lot of people consider this a favorite!

My guilty pleasure is romance novels. I also own almost every book (because seriously, she has written a LOT of books) by Nora Roberts
My other guilty pleasure (in the romance, comedy, mystery section) is the numbers series by Janet Evanovich

What I am reading right now...Lowcountry books. I have been a fan of Pat Conroy for years. I just discovered his wife, Cassandra King, is also an author! And, my mom just discovered two authors I am obsessed with right now: Dorthea Benton Frank and Mary Alice Monroe. If you do not know about Lowcountry books, they are fictional novels based in South Carolina low country (marsh, beach area), and are generally interesting, romantic, historically based, novels about family, life, love, and generations.  I have read about 5 of their books so far and plan to read as many as I can this summer!

If you think I am kidding about my love of reading, ask my husband about our honeymoon. Some people packed handcuffs and other such fun "honeymoon" toys; I packed 10 books. And read about 6!


  1. We have very similar taste in books. I love PotE too (have you read the sequel?) and I've read all of Jodi Picoult's books.

    Have you read the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon? Bet you a dollar you'll love it, and they're tomes, and there are lots of them, so they should last you all summer. :)


  2. I love Jilly Cooper for 'junk' novels. I've not read any Jodi Picoult yet, but she's so highly recommended that I'll get there eventually.

    I'm a big lover of fantasy novels too, Robin Hobb being one of the better authors to read if you're dabbling in Fantasy because her character creation is just amazing. I dreamt about her main characters.

  3. LOVE reading! LOVE Jodi Picoult! :)

    Thanks for the nice comment on the Child of My Own post. Your words meant a lot.