Wednesday, May 30, 2012


This whole special needs thing is a real roller coaster. The highest of highs definitely, but also the dips (and I will not say the lowest of lows because honestly, there have not been any super low points). I look at my four month old baby rolling over front to back and now back to front, and I see where she is right on track developmentally and think "how amazing! she has these short arms, this lack of muscle, and yet is right on track". Most of the time I do not even think of her differences because they play such a minor role in her life. It is easy to look at how she is doing and feel elated.

But then there are the other random things. Like today, I saw a picture online - a common phrase - "who has two thumbs and..." and it jolts you to think about your baby, who doesn't have two thumbs. Bummer.

It is not the saying that gets me - that is a silly saying anyway - or the fact that she does not have thumbs - she has 5 fingers she can use. It is more just that punch in the gut reminding me of the fact that she is different and she will have some tough times.

Thanks for listening!

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