Wednesday, October 10, 2012

She moves! She moves!

The baby started moving herself around last night. I have not actually seen her scoot per se, but she manages to move herself decent distances to get to what she wants. I put her down on the foam mat so I could help the other girls work on homework at their table. I kept moving papers and the princess's folder away from the baby, who was trying to destroy it with her feet, when I finally realized that I had moved the same thing away from her multiple times! So, I replaced the folder with a toy and sure enough she scooted over to get the toy. Then she realized the mat was more fun.

The baby used her feet and toes to pry the sides off the mat. Then used her feet and legs to maneuver the piece so it stuck up enough for her to grab with her hand, so she could chew on the piece of the mat!!! The pictures show what I am talking about here. She went on to pry off a couple of the big squares, separating the square from the letter inside. Her determination was so strong she did not even notice her daddy coming home. Too cool!!!

Thanks for listening!

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