Monday, March 22, 2010


My kids are obsessed with boobies!

Seriously, wtf?!

I breastfed both, but only for 6 months. When I was breastfeeding the baby, I understood that the toddler talked about about boobies all the time. It made sense. I have not breastfed in over a year, and she still talks about them. The other day we were eating dinner and toward the end she asked if she could sit on my lap. So sweet. I obliged, and as I am getting her out of her chair, she says "I need to figure your boobies out". What? Yeah...okay.

Then there is the baby. She likes to snuggle with one finger in her mouth and her other hand down my shirt. Especially in church. She is so good and so quiet, which I love, but only when she's got her hand down my shirt. It is either in my cleavage just resting or sitting on the top of my boob, but definitely inside my bra. Weird, right? Not as weird as this weekend, though...I was getting the baby dressed after her bath and was shirt- and bra-less stretching up to get a diaper out of her drawer. I look down and she is staring at my boob (which was hanging right in her face) in awe and then out of nowhere opened her mouth like she was going to breastfeed. I did NOT see that coming!!! I have not nursed the baby in almost 10 months and here she is remembering or instinctively trying to start something! It was weird and fascinating at the same time. I will definitely be keeping my shirt on around her for a while ;)

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