Friday, March 26, 2010

Chatty Toddler

Holy S! the toddler is talkative.  I realize I should be grateful for every minute of this - but seriously, it is a blessing and a curse.  Maybe even a double curse because with the amount the toddler talks, the baby has no need to get vocal and then we get frustrated because she cannot communicate her wants.  I love love love hearing my toddler's voice and I love her curiosity and amazement with the world.  Hearing her voice her every thought definitely gives me an interesting understanding of how she views the world and the things she sees when she looks around.  It is truly amazing.  She is amazing.

But, wow, there are a lot of questions.  Going to the bathroom last night..."mom, what are you doing?  mom, where are you going?  you are going to the potty?  why am i not going?  why do i not have to pee?  why does the baby pee and poop in diapers?  did the baby poop?  baby, you did a stinky poop!  mom, do you need my potty seat?  mom, what are you doing?  did you pee?  did you wash your hands?"  I took me minutes to go to the bathroom and yet, she managed to get out at least twenty questions/statments.  It it like this ALL the time.  I do not know how one person can have so many thoughts!  And be able to voice every one of them!  WOW! 

So, yeah, I love my toddler.  I love that she talks and communicates so well.  But, sometimes, I wish she came with a mute button!

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