Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The princess

I never got around to writing a birthday post for the princess, but I wanted to take a minute to capture this time in her life.  Everyone talks about the terrible twos, but we never really hit that stage.  As she neared three, the drama became a bit much, as did the whining, and tantrums.  I thought we were headed to the terrible threes.  But I was wrong.  Sure, she's dramatic and she can get very whiny, but that is normal toddler/preschooler behavior.  This kid is amazing!

If I could videotape every single second of our day, I would.  I feel like there is so much I forget and do not capture on film or in pictures, and I want to remember all of this.  The princess is only three, but if you sat down and talked to her, you would think she was five, maybe even six.  98% of what she says is intelligible, she has little of that "toddler speak", and really she has not had that since she was 2, maybe 2 1/2.  Her vocabulary is just astounding - she uses big words, and uses them correctly.  She can conceptualize and understand most everything we say, including sarcasm!  She understands how to sound out words if we do not understand what she says the first time, and she knows to speak louder and more clearly to be heard.  Her speech is just phenomenal. 

The princess is a joy to be around.  She is smart, funny, sweet, caring, and loving!  She gives running-start bear hugs to everyone she loves, and will hug almost anyone she has played with for a few minutes.  We recently went to a wedding, full of people she did not know.  Instead of shying away and clinging to us, she found some girls to play with, and at the end of the night, she went around hugging everyone goodbye.  She is not shy at all (thank goodness - this has been my life's biggest struggle!).  She is a natural born leader, stands up for what she wants and what is right, and rarely follows just to follow.  She likes to play games, run around, scream, and be crazy, but can also sit for long-periods of time "reading" to herself and doing puzzles.  She would rather figure something out on her own than have us help her. 

She must ask why at least 100 times every day.  As annoying as it can be, I see the value in answering because she actually takes the time to listen, repeat what you said, ask more questions, and then repeat what she has learned later to someone else.  Or even weeks later, she will bring up what we discussed and it is clear she remembers the conversation and heard what I said. Her newest "thing" is asking how to spell.  She wants to know how to spell everything.  She practices writing letters all the time - in the air, with her finger on the table, etc.

The princess is also very independent.  Every morning when we wake her up, she gets up, and goes potty by herself - including using her step stool to turn on lights. Then she picks out clothes to wear and understands when we tell her something does not match (usually - though there are plenty of fights about that!).  She likes having her "things" and responsibilities.  She even helps me sort the laundry by getting her underwear and sock baskets and filling them with the appropriate clean laundry. 

She is extremely caring.  She took to her baby sister right away and has become her protector, her best friend, and her translator (much to our irritation - the munchkin does not talk much).  The munchkin hates "fuzz" of any kind, and as soon as she starts whining about it, the princess comes running over yelling "I'll get the fuzz!".  She helps the munchkin get toys, comes up with games to play, helps teach the munchkin words, and almost always includes her in what she is doing. I hope they always share this special bond because it is a very awesome thing to watch.

I do not mean for it to sound like my kid is perfect.  She whines, she has tantrums and drama, she gets on my nerves plenty often, but she is amazing.  She is wild and crazy, but also calm, cool, and collected.  She lights up my life!

So, happy 3 and almost 1/2 birthday, princess.  You Rock!

Thanks for listening!

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