Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Selection Phase

I love our daycare/preschool, I like the school, the administration, and most importantly all of the teachers. At this point we have been there almost 3 years and while that seems like a short amount of time, we have really had an opportunity to grow a lot here. The munchkin started out in the infant room, moved up to the mobile infant room, then over to the toddlers room, which is where the princess started her journey at the school. They had the same toddler room teachers, the same two-year old room teachers, and they will have the same three-year old room teachers. But because of teachers moving around to different rooms and the fact that the classrooms of same ages come together on the playground, in the morning, and in the afternoon, we have been able to get to know all of the teachers. And we love them, I could not be more thrilled that we found this tiny little church daycare. Sadly, we are hoping to move next summer, which means big changes. The baby will never go here. The princess will leave her friends and start kindergarten. The munchkin will have a totally new school for pre-school, one where she does not know the kids or the teachers, one where her sister never paved the road for her. I am scared because she is the shier child, the more reserved one, whereas the princess  had no problem making a name for herself (in a good way!). The truth is, she is will be fine. And if she is not, we will find a different preschool. The problem is me, how will I keep my fear and my reservation from holding her back? I have noticed more and more recently that I feel more affected by things that happen to or around my kids than they do. If a child tells one of my kids they do not want to be friends, I hear the story in the same tone of voice as I hear about playing on the playground. So I try not to pry and make a big deal about it, because if it is not a big deal to my kid, I am not going to push that on them. But inside, my heart is racing. Why does that kid not like mine? What did she do? Is that kid a bully?

I asked today at the princess's parent teacher and they said it is normal, a part of the selection process, where kids select people they want to be friends with in life. It is totally normal. And all of the kids are friends and get along. There are no cliques, no issues, no bullies. It is just life.

Thanks for listening!

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  1. Love the post! Its a place where your babies spent so much time so it is hard leaving them.

    I will say being friends and not being your friend changes as much as a revolving door in preschool. Ben tells me everyday that I am not his friend. I tell him good because I'm his Mom. Its just a thing they say and its a huge deal. Two minutes later they can equally be friends again.