Friday, October 28, 2011

To be fair

After yesterday's post about the princess, I decided to capture somethings about the munchkin too!

She is a "big girl" except she is also a "little girl". It is something she struggles with - this desire to be big, but also recognizing she is little, and then being afraid to do some things.

She climbed into bed last night, threw out her arm, and said "Nobody kiss me". We did anyway.

She just started climbing into her booster chair at the kitchen table. The princess has been doing this for so long, I do not remember when she started. But, the munchkin is tiny and it was harder for her. After getting stuck halfway up the chair twice, she stopped trying. And then out of nowhere, tried again, and now she is like a monkey climbing up into her chair at the table!

Every day she has something new she will teach or do for or show or give to the new baby. I have no idea how things will change when the new baby arrives, but right now, the munchkin could not be more excited to be the big sister. Every day she says "you're having a baby in your tummy?!" - it comes out like a question, but she knows the answer and just wants confirmation or excitement or something!

The kids heard the song Dynamite - Taio Cruz at school and love to sing it, but the munchkin thinks the words ("sayin ayo") are "chicken migle" (or something like that) and she has this dance where she sticks her hands straight out behind her back and runs around the house yelling "chicken migle".

She calls jammies "jammits" and hoods "hooks" and probably a million other things I keep forgetting to catch on camera.

Her absolute favorite thing is to make people laugh. Luckily, all it takes is one of her little mischievous smiles to get everyone cracking up!

Thanks for listening!


  1. Love the updates about the girls. Its those daily things you seem to forget, read back on and will say "oh yeah". Its funny how every day things you think will never go away eventually will someday like how they say certain words. Love it. love them and Love you!

  2. Ok, so I told Diana, I'm trying to put myself out there in the "blog world" more, because I really don't read any besides Brian's. Plus Katie taught me about the neato Google reader, so maybe I will have some success! As I told Diana, YOU are one of my interests, and I'm glad you're part of my life! :)