Thursday, October 27, 2011


The princess amazes me so many ways. At four, she seems so mature for her age and it is just mind-blowing to watch and experience. Because I do not want to forget, here are some things she has done lately...

- In church on Sunday, the munchkin's barrette was loose, so the princess took it out, smoothed her hair, and put it back in (still crooked and loose). It hit me so hard that I will probably see the same scenario - albeit with different hair things and a more mature style - in 10 years.

- When she does not feel like completing her sentence or thought, she lets it trail off saying something like "and all that stuff", but does it with this hand in the air motion like she is waving off the rest of the sentence. It is just like I do when I am trying to explain something. and so freaking cute on a 4 year old!

- She loves to please. She is so sweet and nice and loving! To us, to her friends, to her sister! I worry this will bite her in the ass later, but am hopeful that her niceness will just make her popular instead of a follower.

- She loves to tell jokes, but cannot remember any so she makes them up and they always start off right "two muffins were in an oven..." or "a mushroom walks into a bar..." but then she loses the joke and it trails off and she makes it silly. The perfect mix of her maturity and her childishness.

- Lastly, she learned about the letter "h" at school this month. This week they are reviewing the month's letters and "h" has come up again. The second teacher in the classroom is British and has an accent, so almost every day when we discuss what she learned at school, the princess tells us how Mrs. J say "hay-ch". She just cannot stop pointing this out!

Both my girls are great. Where the princess is sweet and calm and mature, the munchkin is silly and playful and so freaking cute, she is hard to get mad at for anything! Just looking at her silly face makes everyone burst out laughing, and that always gets her laughing, and then we all end up out of breath and in tears from laughter!

Thanks for listening!

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