Monday, October 24, 2011

Renaissance Fair

We went to the Renaissance Fair in Maryland yesterday. I went once as a kid with my friend's family and had a great time. I remember seeing all sorts of fun renaissance things and getting a really cool toy. Which, honestly, could not have been that expensive because I could afford to buy it with whatever spending money I had at the time! So, yesterday, we took the kids. Every year I see the commercials and think I want to go, so it was a big deal that we finally made time to go this year. Plus, I really try not to frivolously spend money (this is why we have not gone to Sesame Place, I just could not justify the expense for going when my kids were so young).

Well, I am PISSED. Not only was the Renaissance Fair NOT fun, it was a total RIP-OFF!!! You pay $19/adult (kids under 6 are free, yay!) to get in to the fair, which I was fine with paying. Until we walked in and realized you have to pay additional for every single thing there. Face Painting - $7. Thanks, but we get that for free on Chick-Fil-A kids nights. Ride a slide? $1/person. Oh, and kids that are below the height line need an adult to ride with them and no, it is not $1/ride, it is $1/person. And the kids play area was a tiny playset that was so overcrowded with all of the kids at the fair, I refused to let my kids go in for fear they would get lost or trampled. The only redeeming part was the free 30-second pony ride. The fair had some shows - a juggler and a music group - which you can sit and watch for free. But, they only hold kids attention for a minute. The jousting competition was cool and free. Unfortunately, being the ONLY cool and free thing, it was packed, and we had to stand in the back with the kids on our shoulders so they could see and tell us adults what was going on with the horses.

So, if you were considering going, I would say, stay away! There are a lot of cooler things to do in the area.
Also, if you went as a kid and enjoyed it, definitely stay away or else you will risk tainting that wonderful memory. Blast!

Thanks for listening!

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