Tuesday, February 7, 2012

3 weeks old!

I cannot believe our little one has been here for three weeks already. Time flies for sure, but also we have done a lot in these last few weeks. In the hospital, I realized we would probably have lots of appointments and such for her, so I went ahead and made a bunch for me - the dentist, dermatologist - and the kids - well visits and the dentist. We been knocking them out like crazy! I feel like every week my Mint Weekly Summary shows the most used category as "Health/Doctor". Of course, baby Margaret has had her fair share too. The 3-day visit, the follow up for jaundice, the weight checks, and our first set of appointments at Children's.

Our baby is healthy. Very healthy! She spent her first night home eating and pooping every 90 minutes and the jaundice was gone the next day. Everyone who checks her out declares her fine. Her heart, lungs, kidneys, muscles, everything looks good. Bottom line - she is a healthy baby with isolated phocomelia. That is exactly what we were prepared for and everything I prayed and hoped we would get!

Thanks for listening!

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