Friday, February 24, 2012

Growing up!

A couple weeks ago, the princess said something to me that included the word "regular". And then she looked over and said, "I have trouble saying that word. Can you tell me how to say it?" And I think a little piece of my heart broke.

Since she was young, her vocabulary has been phenomenal. At 18 months she could talk to my mom - who is hard of hearing - on the phone and my mom could understand most of what she said! She has been talking so well, and so clearly, for so long that it rarely phases me anymore. I used to marvel at how well she spoke. But, this one word - regular - was always a challenge. She says "reg-le-are". I have never worked to correct it because it was really the only semblance of "baby-speak" she had. I kind of liked that she still had this young trait! But, now she recognizes that she says it incorrectly. That fact alone blows my mind. And ever since we worked on it - "reg - U - lar" - she has been working hard to say it correctly and to correct herself when she slips back to "regleare". I am amazed at how self aware the princess is. I just hope she always recognizes that as a good thing and does not let her overly self-critical mindset get in her way!

Thanks for listening!

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