Monday, February 27, 2012

Toddler Speak

In other speaking news, the munchkin says "don't" instead of "doesn't" and always adds an 's' to her verbs. All day long we are treated to
"it don't fits here"
"it don't works"
"it don't spills"

And I love it, I want to capture it on film, and roll around in the adorable-ness of her cuteness. As much as I pushed the princess to talk clearly and move past the toddler-speak, I cling to these cute little phrases the munchkin says.

Other things she say that I adore include -
"hook" for hood
"jammits" for jammies
"p-jammits" for pajamas

And the way she says the princess's name - it is a short name but the munchkin turns it into a mouthful.

Thanks for listening!

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