Friday, February 17, 2012

Postpartum Needs

I have (thankfully) not had too many postpartum emotional meltdowns, but tonight I came close! Luckily, my husband was on the way home and I could let him know - via text - how I was feeling and what I needed. Thank goodness for text messages, otherwise I would have had to risk being set off by something he said or didn't say! The last couple days I had some stressful personal stuff going on, when combined with the end of the week pent up feelings, lack of sleep, and a three-year-old who has taken to waking us between baby feedings at night made for a tough day for me! So here is what I learned and hope to remember for future rough days: 1. Fresh air is critical. Get up and go for a walk with the kids or at least stand on the deck with a cup of coffee. 2. A shower, especially when the husband is home or the kids are napping, can erase all feelings. If there is time to shave and lotion, do so. It is like wiping the emotional slate clean. 3. If there is no time or energy to tackle the cleaning, run the vacuum. Having a clean surface will suffice. If there is time and energy, run a Clorox wipe over the bathroom counters and toilets. Takes 10 minutes!

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