Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Are we late? Always!!!

The other day as I was driving the girls home from daycare, my daughter says "Are we late, mama?  Are we late?"  We were not late.  But, that is a rare occurance.  Apparently, so rare in fact that my daughter knows we are usually late!  I hate lateness, it ought to be the eighth deadly sin.  Yet, I can't get out of the house on time for anything anymore.  I try so hard - if I know we are going somewhere, I'll map out a plan in my head from the second we wake up, I enlist my husband's help, I pre-pack what I can, but nothing seems to work!  In order to be on time for anything I have to plan to leave an hour or more ahead of when we really need to leave, and those are the times that we end up at our destination an hour early!  Which, you know, is also never good because then your kids have time to wake up from their car-ride cat-nap and be energetic for the quiet events, or get cranky and uninterested for the fun events.  I can't win for trying!  I know this problem is directly related to the kids because when I was single I was always on time, when I got married, we were almost always on time, and then I had the toddler and started showing up a bit late.  Now we have the baby, and it is like we are exponentially more late every time!  I cannot count the number of times lately I say to my husband "We should not even go, this is embarrassing." 

Hopefully this is a phase and by the baby's one-year birthday I will be back in control, but this is driving me crazy.  And to have the toddler point it out to me?  Yikes!

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