Friday, October 23, 2009

A Blissful Benefit

This coffee post is in honor of

This post is in honor of Blissfully Caffeinated and is being hosted by Jenni!  Thanks for letting me join the fun :)

Mmm…coffee…I have a cup of coffee most mornings, but that is more out of habit than enjoyment.  Coffee any other time of the day is different and special, and can always make me smile.  If I am tired, or down, at work, I will slip down to the cafeteria for a cup of coffee, and it always makes the afternoon seem better (unless the coffee is burnt, I really hate that!).  If we are going somewhere and we will be in the car for a while, I try to convince my husband to stop at Starbucks because nothing makes a long drive better!  I like all coffee – boring coffee with cream and sugar, flavored coffee, flavored creamer, and fancy lattes and such from Starbucks (or Caribou, but I prefer Starbucks). 

My favorite time to have coffee is with my girlfriends.  Whether it is at a local coffee shop, or sitting around the kitchen table with a pot, coffee makes the girl time so much better.  There is no problem that a good cup of coffee and a chat with my girls can’t solve!


  1. I love an equal opportunity coffee drinker! Thanks for playing!

  2. In light of the last paragraph of your blog you should read my Coffee....The honesty drug. Post he he he. I liked your post! Never thought blogging about coffee would be so fun and interesting to read!