Monday, October 26, 2009

Financial Update

We got a letter from Citibank the other day saying they were raising our interest rate. That really upset my husband and I. The interesting thing was our reactions – he was pissed that they would raise our rates when we are good, paying customers; I was depressed that we suck so bad at our finances that they felt the need to raise the rates. Slight digression…is this a woman/man issue with how we see the world or just an inherent difference in our personalities?

At his suggestion, I decided to run my credit the next day just to make sure no one stole my identity and to see where I stand with the credit bureaus. Well, it turns out, I am “Excellent”! My credit score rocks! I may have a substantial amount of debt listed, but I have never made a payment more than 30 days late and the credit bureaus consider me in the “Excellent” category. I took my excellent self right over to Discover and applied for their 0% interest on balance transfers card, and they apparently agreed with my excellent-ness because Discover approved me for a transfer! I highly recommend running your credit score just to see what is going on, and to dispute anything you do not like because you can get black marks knocked off your credit report if the company does not respond or cannot prove you were in the wrong. It is definitely worth doing, especially if you end up saving 29.99% APR on a considerable balance!

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