Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bathtime Issues

I am pretty good at keeping up with lots of parenting stuff, but the one I am the worst with is bathing.  I know, that is ridiculous.  My kids are not unclean, they just do not get baths every night (or every other night), like they should.  Part of the problem is working it into the routine – most stuff I can do after they are asleep (laundry, dishes, etc), but bath time has to be done during that short window of time between after school and bedtime, and we have to get dinner cooked and eaten in there too. 
Anyway, my big issue with bath time is that I cannot figure out how to do the rinse portion without all out immobilizing fear for the toddler.  We have little cups where water drips out the bottom and I use that, or pour the water over her head.  I have tried just sticking her head under the faucet to make it quick (even though she is petrified of the faucet).  I prefer using the manual showerhead because it is easy and less pressure, but she is petrified of that too.  She loves baths – the idea, the process, playing, washing – but she hates the rinse part.  Every time we do baths, it ends so badly that we are all scarred and put it off for a few days.  Any suggestions?

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  1. Ugh. No suggestions. We just keep terrorizing them until they are old enough to tip their head back. (Or sometimes hold a dry washcloth over their eyes.) But I'm embarrassed to say how long my kids go between baths. In fact, I can't remember the last time no. 3 was washed. I guess tonight is the night.