Thursday, October 29, 2009

kids do the damndest your body...

I had to get glasses! I've had perfect vision my whole life, but noticed my eyes seemed tired and were twitching a lot, so i went to see the eye doctor, who I hadn't seen since I graduated college five years ago! It turns out I have a lazy eye, likely inherited from my father, but luckily not as bad (he is almost blind in the lazy eye and it is significantly smaller than his non-lazy eye). I only have to wear them if I'll be on the computer for more than an hour or driving when my eyes are tired (considering i'm always tired, it's hard to tell when it's my eyes vs. the rest of me, but whatever!). My prescription is pretty mild, but I figured if I was going to wear glasses, I'd spring for some "real" ones instead of cheapos from CVS.

It turns out, I love them! If they didn't irritate me when reading or looking at people, I would wear them all the time. They are so freaking cute! Sometimes I "forget" to take them off if I'm going to talk to someone or even just going to the bathroom so I can check out their awesomeness :)

honestly it was probably the last 5 years of sitting at a computer and not my kids that killed my eyesight, but i'll blame the kids anywya.

what crazy things have kids done to your body?

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  1. Oh Lord - can we talk bathroom talk, or no? Let's just say, nature never calls me anymore. She beats down my freaking door and if I don't answer IMMEDIATELY, there are serious CONSQUENCES. (Trying to express it in a dainty way!)