Thursday, October 1, 2009


This thing is AWESOME! Right after I had the toddler, this thing exploded onto the blog, chat room scene. We, naturally, went right out and purchased one, and fell in love! We used it on the baby when she was very small and just learning to hold her head up on her own. The back of the chair goes up a bit to provide some support, or a pillow if the babe falls asleep! We brought the Bumbo everywhere with us because it was a great place to put the baby, where she could still feel a part of things. We had it on the table while we ate and on the coffee table or the floor while we played. My dad (who calls it the bumpo because he is terrible with names, and apparently, not just people’s names) would specifically request it because there is nothing better than eating dinner and looking right over at the baby. We took it away when she started pushing up with her legs because I got too worried that she would push out of it and I would not be close enough to save her from the fall. You are not supposed to use them on the table or counter, but I think that is what they are for, and as long as you do not leave the baby unattended, it is fine. I definitely recommend this for a baby shower or new mom gift. Especially for a new mom, whose youngest child is three or older, because it probably was not around, or at least, was not popular when they had their last baby!

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