Friday, December 4, 2009

Black Friday

This year I did not participate in Black Friday.  I usually do not, but last year I decided I was not going to miss out on the deals, so I braved the crowds.  And I freaking loved the experience.  I compiled my Christmas lists, scoured the leaked ads for weeks, and the released ads the day before.  I knew where I was going, what I was buying, and I planned a route.  I went by myself to avoid having to wait on someone else.  It was bliss.  I got up at the crack of dawn, leaving my sleeping family behind, and I waddled (b/c at 7 months pregnant I was already HUGE) around the stores, collecting things.  By 10am, I breezed back into the house, high on my Starbucks, car loaded down with gifts.  And in 4 hours, I had completed 90% of my Christmas shopping.  A-MA-ZING! 

This year, much to my disappointment, I had no idea what I wanted to get people, did not have enough lists, and did not see anything in the ads that spoke to me.  I cannot imagine braving all the traffic and noise without a plan, so I skipped out on the sales.  And now it is December and the weight of the gifts I have to buy, the family picture that we need to get done, and the Christmas cards I have to find admist all the crap I bought during after Christmas sales last year buy and write is pressing down on my shoulders and making it hard to breathe.  Or maybe that's just the chest cold I'm battling. 

The point is, I am really struggling with gifts this year.  I just do not know when I am going to go out and get stuff and I do not know what I want to buy the kids.  That is the worst part for me.  Last year I knew just what to get the toddler and was SO EXCITED.  Plus, we do not have much to spend, so I want to stretch the dollar as far as possible for a great gift.  Meh, I'll get there. 

On a more positive (HA!) note, our washer broke last Wednesday night.  So, we did get to partake in the awesome appliance sales on Black Friday!

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  1. I went out for the first time too! It wasn't as bad as the news reports. People were nice, but you did need to fill your cart fast! Anything I thought I wanted I "carted" it and decided later.