Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I'm easy

I have the easiest labors ever.  Seriously, both girls were practically identical labors - I went in for the scheduled induction around 7am, labored lightly until the pressure was a bit rough, got an epidural, rested, laid* on each side for an hour or so, and then pushed the baby out in 5 minutes or less!  They were both born after just shy of 8 hour of labor.

I learned last night that miscarriage is a lot like labor without the fun reward.  My contractions (cramping?  oh hell, no, that is a BAD description and somebody needs to tell the OBs to stop using it) started around 4ish on the way home.  I managed to get the girls inside, my laptop set up, and Wall-E on the tv before things got too rough.  And then I sat on the couch, uploading pictures all night long (I SUCK at this so I am usually months behind!) trying to take my mind off this awfulness.  It was painful, even with the 800mg of Motrin.  I bled a boatload, passed a bunch of clots, and by midnight, I was done.  I passed a very large clot around 11:30 and my contractions went away and my bleeding slowed considerably.  I made it all night without ruining the towel I slept on just in case.  The couch I sat on through the whole process was not so lucky.  But, my amazing, wonderful, awesome husband spent 45 minutes (NO exaggeration) cleaning that sucker off and there are no traces of stain!  Today I am back at work and feel fine. 

It is very odd to me how similar my miscarriage process was to my labor.  I have heard there are days of bleeding and pain.  While I have been spotting/bleeding for weeks, I really only had heavy bleeding yesterday afternoon.  I guess I feel lucky.  I'm lucky to have such a cooperative uterus.  And I am blessed to have two beautiful, perfect, healthy girls I carried perfectly fine to cheer me up when I get down.

*I spelled this "layed" at first, then spellchecker told me that was wrong.  but "laid" makes me think of "get laid", which is not even on my mind these days, but apparently my subconscious is also dirty!


  1. I glad it was over so quickly. One of my GFs bled for six weeks with her miscarriage.

    Take care of your self.

  2. Oh, I am so sorry for your loss. And what a hard time of the year also. I went through this before I had my twins. It's never easy. Take good care of yourself and rest up. A new year is only a few weeks away.