Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Potty Mouth take 2

I swear I am not that bad a parent!  But, I will go ahead and write the second potty mouth post in a week...

My in-laws gave the toddler an awesome Thomas the Train car that flies across the room when you push down on the conductor.  It is really cool.  She was playing with it upstairs on Christmas, shooting it across the room, when it crashed into something.  Her response "oh crap, it crashed"!  I was not there to hear it, but heard the story retold a number of times.  Everyone laughed, but most were appalled she would say "crap".  I just thought it was funny.

This prompted my husband and I to have a discussion about language.  I really do not think "crap" is so bad, but he says it is just one step above "sh!t".  I would rather she say "crap" than call someone "stupid" or say "suck".  He does not think those are as bad.  So, I am curious, oh Internet...what are your definite "no" words and what can you live with?  And I'm not talking about the standard 4 letter words, lets hope we all want to avoid those.

p.s. - lest you think my husband is perfect, it was not I who taught my daughter how to "point" at bad drivers... 

p.p.s - here is the toy on Amazon

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