Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Dog

Our dog is a 65-pound labradoodle that thinks she is about 10 pounds.  This is an issue because she does not realize her own strength, whether that be when she is greeting us, the kids, or perfect strangers.  Twice now I have threatened to murder her when her excited butt took out the toddler coming up the three stairs in our foyer.  But, she can be good, and my husband and the kids are really attached, so she will be staying, and we are working on her excitement issues.  She used to pee the floor when anyone she knew - including us, who LIVE here - came over.  Now, she only does it a little bit and for people she is really excited to see.  A step up - yay!

The toddler hates when the dog gets in her way, I think because the dog is so unmovable to the toddler, who is just as tall and half as heavy.  This morning, the dog stepped on the toddler's foot.  Her first response was to whine about it, but then she looked at the dog and said "Gracie, you stepped on my foot.  Kiss it" and then proceeded to try and hang on to the dog while shoving her foot in the dog's face and pointing out the spot "right here, kiss it right here".  She never did get the kiss, but her foot is fine.  Moments like these are when I wish we were on reality TV and had every second videotaped because that was so freaking cute I wish it were captured forever.  At least it is captured on the internet...

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