Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year!

I know it is a bit late, but Happy New Year blog readers!

Normally I do not do resolutions.  What is the point?  Am I really going to do it more because it is called a resolution?  No.  But, this year is different.  I resolved to do some things and decided that I would wait until the new year to do them.  Before we found out we were pregnant, things seemed (and I realize history rewrites itself) to be going along splendidly.  We had a great debt payoff plan, were sticking to a budget, I was doing great with the cleaning and cooking, and everything seemed to be moving smoothly along.  Then we got pregnant, I got depressed, stressed, and exhausted, and we have been treading water ever since.  Once the miscarriage was over, I started to get my energy back and to realize how much I had let go.  So I resolved to get us back to where we were.  But, since it was holiday season and our schedules would be wacky, I decided to wait for the new year to start doing.  So, here goes...

1.  We will eat out only one dinner per week, twice if we have a lot going on or company.  Otherwise, I will cook.  I will not cook every night, but will cook enough to cover dinner for two or three nights, and will make leftovers of different things to take for lunch.

2.  We will pay off all of our credit cards by the end of the year - there are currently 4 (we paid one off last year!)

3.  My husband will move his business out of the house.  And we will have enough available credit cash in the bank to repaint and carpet the basement so we can make it into a play room!  No more toys all over the living room and kitchen!

4.  We will finish the banisters, fix the broken front window, remodel the half-bath, and repaint the main floor.

5.  I will de-clutter and organize two spaces a month.  And keep them that way!

6.  I will clean a little bit every day or a lot every other day - no more putting things off for days at a time until it is too overwhelming.

Nothing too drastic.  Everything here is do-able, which is the plan.  Here's hoping this year - and this decade - are as great as the last!

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