Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Daddy's Girl

The toddler is a daddy's girl.  100,000%  She has been since she was born.  If I had not breastfed, I probably would not have held her for the first year.  It was nice when he was always the one who could calm her down, because I got more time hands free.  But, now, she talks, and whines, and cries.  "daaaddddyyyyyyy..."  I think our neighbors probably think I beat her.  Every day when we get home from daycare she tells me "daddy wants to get me out" and I tell her "daddy is still working" and she tells me "I wait for daddy to get me out" and I tell her "daddy will be working for a long time, we have to get out of the car".  When I forcefully have to pry her out of the car, she proceeds to scream and cry and carry on as if it is torture.  And then we enter the house, and she calls out for him, having forgotten the conversation we just had!  This is followed by more tears when I explain - once again - the work situation.  It is sad.  Doesn't this picture make you want to give her a big hug?  I took it to send my husband.  Nothing like guilt to shorten the work day!

Another one of my favorite phrases, which I hear almost daily is when I say "I love you" and she says "No.  I love daddy".  Knife.  Through. The. Heart.  The only remedy for this is when she says "No.  Daddy wants to take me to poop".  Yes.  Yes, he does.  Her poo stinks!  Seriously, I do not know what they feed those kids at daycare, but yuck!

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