Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Kids & TV

When I was pregnant I was on the mommy boards and there were SO many posts about "I will NEVER let my kid watch TV" and "I will let my kid watch TV and they will be fine, so suck it". I briefly flirted with the idea of the former - being such a good mommy and so involved that my kid would never watch TV. But, then I looked at my life and realized a) I did not care that much and really do not think it has that much of an effect, and b) I want that free time to myself!

When the toddler was born, I would watch TV while hanging out with her. When she started doing "daycare" - my friend brought her daughter over to our house and took care of them both - the kids watched Sesame Street every day, maybe twice some (hard) days. When I got home in the evening we would play for a bit, but she always wanted to watch more Sesame Street. She could have watched that show all day long, every day! I didn't let her, obviously, but she watched a lot and I worried sometimes that we were bad parents. Now, I think it was fine. She enjoyed Sesame Street and she learned some things. But, we are busier. Now she goes to a daycare, and I have a longer commute, and by the time we get home in the afternoon/evening (5ish), I never think to turn on the TV. Weekends are so full, we do not watch it then either. Honestly, these days, it's crazy if my husband and I sit down to watch one hour-long show two days in a row! So, our kids pretty much never watch TV. If the toddler is having a bad day or is extremely tired, she will ask for a show/movie and we oblige, but we never turn it on for our peace of mind. And, the baby! She has enough entertainment trying to keep up with the toddler.

I have not changed my stance on watching TV. I do not care if my kids - or any kids - do or do not watch TV. I just think it is interesting something that was once a huge part of our lives (Sesame Street) is now a fading memory, and one that the baby won't have, or at least not for a while. It is neat to see that my toddler can think of so many things to do and play that she does not want to watch TV unless she needs to decompress. She is growing and changing so much, it is incredible to watch.

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