Friday, November 6, 2009


My daughter calls me "mama".  Not "mom" or "mommy", but "mama".  I like that a lot!  I think at school they mostly say "mommies" and my in-laws frequently forget and say "mommy", but for the most part my daughter never wavers.  I think it is cute, and sweet, and apparently it is what I called my mom for ages, which makes it sentimental too.

What is bothering me is that I think of it as "mama" not "momma".  My sister once pointed that difference out to me - when she saw me sign a card or something.  Since then, I've noticed almost everyone spells it "momma".  I hate misspellings.  I also hate bad punctuation, but really really hate when people misspell things, especially when mixing up words, such as their, there, and they're, or bare and bear, here and hear, etc.  I prefer "mama", so I will stick with that spelling, but it really bothers me and I felt the need to acknowledge that I know I am being different! 

Now, why am I so bothered by this?  My need for acceptance?  Add this to the list of things I will talk to a therapist about when I finally get around to fixing my oddities!

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