Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Potty Trained?

The toddler is potty trained.  She was pretty much completely potty trained by her second birthday, which is just awesome.  But, she still has accidents, mostly when she is too lazy to tell us she has to go.  And because we are so used to her telling us, we forget to ask. 

Last night she had an accident, her second (or third?) in a few days and  I was really irritated.  So, I marched her upstairs to take off her wet clothes and put her on the toilet.  Then I left to go change out of my work clothes.  I came back in, got her off the potty and was helping her get redressed...

Toddler:  Your shirt is wet
Me:  No, it's not. 
T:  It is. 
Me:  (feeling shirt) No, it's not
T:  It is wet, mama, because I put my hand in the toilet. 

Pure Awesomeness!  At least it pulled me out of my funk!

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