Monday, November 16, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up

My weekend was great.  The weather was beautiful Sunday, but I really did not enjoy it much as we were at the in-laws and stayed inside.  The visit was nice and we had a great family dinner with the husband's extended family. 

Saturday, though, was amazing.  I have been SLACKING on housework, laundry, everything.  There is a good reason, but still, I felt like I was drowing!  My husband was going to help some friends with a house project, so he called ahead to see if our friend (the wife) would mind watching the toddler.  She agreed, leaving just me and the perfect, wonderful, amazing baby.  Seriously, the baby is so good she kills me.  I closed her in the family room using the North States Superyard XT Gate.  If you do not have one, you are seriously missing out on some awesomeness.  Anyway, I closed the baby in that for a while, let her jump in the johnny jump up for a while, let her play in the exersaucer for a while, and she was fine the whole time.  She didn't need me to hold her or do any more than feed her, change her diaper, and hold her while she ate her bottle and fell asleep.  This allowed me to get stuff done.  My goal was to do the basics - dusting, vacuuming.  But, she was so good, I not only dusted and vacuumed the main floor and upstairs, I also polished furniture, windexed windows and mirrors, cleaned the half bath, mopped, did laundry, did the stairs, and in a random burst of energy toward the end, took care of my appliances.  My microwave, which is generally gross because someone in my house (*cough* husband *cough*) does not believe in covering up dishes of food, is now spotless. 

Not only am I not drowning in housework, I'm all caught up and ahead of the game.  If I can keep up this momentum and maintain a fairly easy cleaning schedule, I will be fine until the next meltdown!  Oh, and in case you were worried about me, I still had plenty of time to take breaks and catch up on my shows sitting on our brand new couches!  My husband rocks!  My friends rock!  And this week is going to rock!

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