Monday, November 9, 2009

Fairness and Equality

When we were kids, every Christmas we each got the same number of gifts in our stacks that added up to the same dollar amount (obviously something we learned later in life). Once we hit middle school, my mom relaxed her requirements and got us the same dollar amount, but didn't care how many gifts we got. This allowed my parents to get us some "cooler" (aka, more expensive) stuff. I like this idea and plan to do the same with my kids. I don't know that I'll pick out a set amount every year to spend on their birthdays and whatnot, but I will try to keep track to keep it equal. That's fine. The problem is, I take it too far! My profile picture for first I had one of the whole family, it was far away and you couldn't see my face, but since I don't have one of just my face or me with both girls, I put up a picture of the whole family. I eventually changed it, but at first I struggled.  PIN numbers at work - I want to use a birthday, but can't decide whose! Why does that get to me? It's not like the toddler is going to know if I use the baby's name for a password but not hers. But, it bothers me. Literally, eats at me every time I type in the PIN number favoring one instead of the other. It's crazy! I know!

I'm worried that if this little crap eats at me now, I'm going to be some sort of freak when they get older and can do more/go more places!

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