Friday, November 13, 2009

Grandparents Rock...why do I feel so guilty?

My parents called last night to check dates with me so they can take the toddler to see Elmo Live! That is very exciting as she loves Elmo and will surely enjoy the performance (especially since I cautioned them against tickets that would put her too close to the scary people in costumes). My parents are always doing stuff like this - I swear, they scour the newspaper and community newsletters, listen to commercials, and crawl the internet looking for awesome things to do with the kids. They rock like that!

Why, then, do I feel so guilty? I am proud of myself if I take them to the mall play place. We've gone to the zoo once with the toddler, when the baby was still in my womb. We went to the beach a couple times, but really, we do so little of these fun, awesome, kid activities it is embarrassing! We live next to DC, there is TONS to do around here, and yet we are always too busy or too tired or too something. I need to step up my game. Otherwise, in 20 years, my kids will look back through pictures and ask why all the pictures of really cool activities only have my parents in them. I'll just tell them it is because we were taking the pictures. duh!

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  1. Oh Mommy Guilt, it sucks so much. I'm sorry dude. I feel it too, trust me.