Friday, January 8, 2010

Another follow up appointment???

The OB called yesterday to say they need me to come back in (again) for a follow up internal exam.  Apparently my last one was too full of red blood cells.  Seriously!  I was literally miscarrying the MOST that day, if red blood cells were the problem, they could have saved the lab fees.  I swear, I think I have gone to the doctor as much with this 11 week pregnancy as I did with a normal 9 month pregnancy!

The really annoying thing...they are open from 9-4:30.  But closed everyday from 12-1:30 for lunch.  Seriously!  What is so ridiculous is that this is pretty standard for doctors offices around here.  I wish I could do that - I will be here all day, but you can only contact me during the 6 most inconvenient times of the day, good luck!  Ha!

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  1. Did I miss something? You had a miscarriage? I am so terribly sorry.