Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Working from Home

Yesterday my car was in the shop, so I worked from home.  I do not know how people do this!  It was awful for me.  We took the girls to daycare so I could actually work (trying to work from home on snow day = don't even try!).  All day, I felt like I was on speed, and not just because of the 3 cups of coffee I drank!  I would read, think about the laundry, take notes, look at the Christmas tree I need to take down, answer e-mails, program the new DVR remote, etc.  I could not focus!!!  It was ridiculous! 

I know if I had to work from home, I could.  I would need to create an actual work space, as opposed to the kitchen table, and have set times and such.  But, this random working from home is tough on me.  I feel like I do not get anything done - at home or at "work"!  Bleh!  Then, I came home cranky because all the things I noticed and thought about all day, but did not do because I was working, were staring me in the face.  And, unfortunately, I took out my stress on my husband and kids.  Though, in my defense, the toddler skipped nap, and that seriously makes for a rough evening! 

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