Thursday, January 14, 2010

RTT: Happy!

  • My husband decided to take the office space!  He liked the space - it is a big open room, just like he has now, but a bit bigger (and he won't my wall of books crowding them out!).  He talked to some other people in the building and they all agree the landlord is great.  Move-in day is January 30/31, and they'll start working there February 1st!!!

  • My baby will be a year old tomorrow.  A YEAR!  And she still looks like a 6 month old!  

  • I cannot believe we have had two kids two and under for a year.  I love where we are so much.  I remember the first few months being impossibly difficult, but I cannot remember why.  I thought I was scarred for life, but it turns out the stress was just a phase and I do want more kids in the future. 

  • The toddler might be the best big sister ever in the history of big sisters.  She is so loving and caring and awesome.  She may hit the baby every now and then, but what sibling doesn't?  She gets - so adorably - super excited when the baby gives her high-five, or just touches her at all! 
  • The toddlers new thing is "helping" the baby learn to walk.  As this consists of pulling the baby's arm out of her socket (total exaggeration) while trying to drag her across the floor, the baby is not too keen.

  • The baby will try to copy everything the toddler does.  Yesterday the toddler was "making" me food in her kitchen and bringing it to me to eat.  The baby comes scooting over, fake mustard in hand for me to sample.  It was so freaking cute!  

  • In honor of the baby's first birthday (and the fact that my house is a mess and I want to make a nice dinner because I invited our parents and siblings over for dinner), I took tomorrow off work.  Then I found out Monday is a holiday.  Surprise - I get a four day weekend!  SUPER!!!
Happy Thursday!

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