Thursday, January 7, 2010

Facebook Friends?

One of the teachers in the baby's room at daycare Facebook friended my husband and I.  That act alone was weird to me.  I have plenty of co-workers as Facebook friends, but this just seemed strange to me.  Then I checked out her wall, because, you know, I am a total stalker.  She has two kids - one 8 year old, who does not live with her, and one 2 year old, who does live with her and is in the other (not the toddler's) 2's classroom.  Apparently she is pregnant again.  She does not live with the father - he lives across the country and they are not even in a relationship, although he fathered the two year old and this baby.  So, there are a lot of melodramatic statuses about this odd relationship.  There are also lots of posts about how she cannot make rent or pay utilities.  So I feel bad for her and for her daughter, who I know.  But, at the same time, I do not have money to hand out, and I do not even know her that well.  It is not that I think she Facebook friended us to ask for money; however, I cannot help but notice these statuses (they now show up in my news feed) without feeling bad.  It is just awkward.  I mean, I pick up the baby and see her and I am thinking "I know her story, but I should not know it so I am not going to say anything about anything.  I will wait until she is really showing to congratulate her on her pregnancy.  Does she think it is weird that I have not said anything?  AAAHHH!" 

Well, yesterday, her status was "looking for new work".  She did not post the story, but did make a few comments that gave away she was fired.  I do not want to know why.  I really like our daycare, and while I am sure lots of stuff I would hate go on behind the scenes, I really, truly, do not want to know them.  So, I do not want to know.  But, I feel like I should say something.  But, what?  "Sorry to hear you lost your job.  My kid really liked you."  I think I will let my husband send her a message and I will just stay out - he is more social anyway! 

What I am saying is this is weird.  I should just hide her posts and forget we are friends.  I cannot unfriend her - that would be so harsh.  Right?  Do you have any weird Facebook friends?  Do you think this is even weird?


  1. I had day care workers that did that to me. I never not friended them or deny friendship a passive means to just let it keep hanging as if I wasn't on FB...

    I would say to defriend her...I don't believe you get any notifications on just simply go away. I had one friend defriend me and while I was confused about it...I figured we haven't spoken to each other in a while and I am okay with that.

  2. Whoa! Totally weird. This is why I am hardly ever on Facebook. I call it Hell's Cocktail party. My high school friends, my neighbors, my kids, THEIR friends, former co-workers. What could I possibly say that I want ALL of them to know?