Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Non-Napping Toddlers Kill Me!

Monday was a holiday, which meant stay home from school and get off schedule have fun with mama and daddy!  We did have a great morning - one of my best friends, who has a toddler just a few months older than mine came over for a playdate.  We have not had a playdate together in ages, which is sad because my friend used to do daycare at my house with her toddler and my toddler, and they just love to see each other! 

After the playdate, the toddler was too wired to nap.  I tried the "just leave her in her room and she will fall asleep eventually" route, but that did not work out.  After a while of hearing her jump around and make noise, the baby started to cry (they share a room).  I went upstairs to find the toddler, naked, in the baby's crib.  She told me "mama!  I peed in the crib!".  Great... Apparently the baby was crying because the toddler jumped on her foot, after peeing on the crib right next to where the baby was sitting.  After dealing with all the mess, getting her redressed in her pull up, and taking the baby away, I told the toddler to get back in bed and take a nap and I did not want to hear one more sound.  She was quiet.  For a bit.  But she did not nap. 

Fast forward to night time.  We put her down at the usual time.  Two hours later, we hear noises.  I went up to investigate and found her in my room, drinking from my nightstand water glass, wearing a pull up and six shirts.  She moved her pillow and blankets to the doorway of her room (I do not know why), took out 10 shirts from the drawer, and scattered them around her new sleeping area.  When she saw me, she proclaimed "Mama!  I'm done with my nap!"  It took over an hour of putting her back in bed and finally letting her get in our bed before she fell asleep. 

The next meltdown central.  Ugh!  I wish there was a way to explain to her - and make her remember - that sleep is important.  I tried yesterday.  I even got to her to stop crying by explaining why she felt bad and how it was her fault for not sleeping.  I think she got the message.  I just do not think she will remember it the next time she wakes up at 10:30pm!


  1. non napping toddlers can be pure torture.

  2. One of the most important things that you can do is to develop a naptime routine. Try and involve your toddler in creating in the routine (visual aids are great) and make sure that you are consistent with it. I have a free report that provides more information:

  3. Wow. What a mess. I was pretty sad when my last baby stopped napping. I love nap times. Even if it meant staying at home, it's just a peaceful part of the day. ;)