Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Deep Sleepers

If you like crime dramas, you need to check out Criminal Minds!  I love this show! 

There is an episode where a guy sneaks in families houses in the middle of the night and kills the husband, then waits until the wife wakes up and realizes what's happened to take her and the rest of the family hostage.  After watching this happen, my husband and I looked at each other and said "that's so me/you!"  I can sleep through anything!  My husband wakes up if a leaf taps the window, I don't even hear the baby screaming until my husband is waking me up.  It's really unfortunate for him because he generally finds that it is just easier to deal with the baby than to wake me up and wait for me to figure things out before I can process and get the baby.  Plus, we watch so many crime dramas that I won't go downstairs in the dark and must turn on every.single.light!

And, it appears the toddler has inherited this trait!  We took the front part off the crib, making her crib in to a "big girl bed" and she has fallen out three times.  She sleeps through it every time!  I almost wish I could fall out of bed just to see if I would sleep through it or if that is some sort of subconcious toddler trait!

Speaking of sleep, I was in bed by 8:30 feeding the baby a bottle, and asleep by 9!  Had a great 7.5 hours of sleep and I feel awesome today!!!

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  1. i wush i could sleep that deeply. i wish i could just get a goo night in.