Tuesday, September 22, 2009


We had these tapes growing up.  I can still remember how much we enjoyed singing along with our wee sing tapes, in the house and in the car on long trips.  I want to collect these for the toddler, who has really gotten in to singing lately (our daycare rocks!).  She goes to a Christian daycare and they sing lots of children’s songs, including a bunch of bible songs.  My sister got the baby “Wee Sing Bible Songs” as a Baptism gift, and we wear this CD out!  The baby, of course, doesn’t care what we listen to, but the toddler gets in the car and immediately requests “Bible Songs”.  She can’t get enough!  And, honestly, neither can I!  It’s such a throwback, and I LOVE it!  If you listened to these songs growing up, I highly recommend picking up a CD.  You can get them from a bookstore or order online.  And if you aren’t into the Bible Songs, get the other ones.  We like these so much more than all of the other kid songs CDs we’ve gotten.

“Who Built the Ark? Noah! Noah!...”

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