Thursday, September 24, 2009

Terrible Twos

The toddler had a rough day at school yesterday.  Apparently, she kept acting out.  It was mostly in response to other kids acting out - she would see someone do something, get in trouble for it, and then go do it, clearly wanting the attention they got.  It's frustrating because up until now she was (and I am not exaggerating) almost every teacher's favorite, even teacher's she didn't have, that saw on the playground or during group activities.  I got nothing but good reports every day, which was so awesome.  And lately, it's been one thing after another - jumping on the mat during circle time, jumping on her cot, climbing the stack of cots, not listening, waking the other kids up when she doesn't want to nap, etc.  Boo :(

I do have to say, I love our daycare.  They have the normal behavioral problems, but not to the extent I've seen and heard about at others.  When I asked what they did and if she sat in the naughty chair, the teacher said that she took Julie out of the classroom, into the hall, to talk about making better choices.  She said that they try different things for different kids based on the action and what the child responds to best.  It is so nice to see that they do not just send kids to a naughty chair or put them in a corner, they really look at the child and try to work with the child's specific needs.  Yay! 

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