Monday, September 28, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up

We decided to head down to Virginia Beach for the weekend. A neighbor of my husband’s family has a house down there and invited his parents, and the rest of the family, to come down anytime. His parents were going this weekend, and our original weekend plans were rescheduled, so we figured, what the heck? It's only a 3-4 hour drive, right? (Right??? WTH were we thinking?!)

Since we decided this early in the week, I stacked my hours and knocked off mid afternoon Friday to go home and do some housework. I got a good amount done and then went to get the girls, thinking I could do the rest when we got home, and then when my husband arrived he could load the car and we would be on our way! Well, turns out after a week of skipping naps, the toddler was a total wreck when we got home, and we ended up sitting next to each other (not snuggling because God-forbid I should TOUCH her when she is upset), watching WALL-E. My husband is so amazing (sometimes), he actually cleaned the disastrous kitchen while we did this, and then we eventually managed to get loaded and on our way – around 8pm! Thankfully, both kids slept almost the entire way, and we only had to stop for about 30 minutes to walk the baby and feed her a bottle. Even with the kids sleeping, it took 4 hours, and we did not arrive until almost midnight.

Saturday was great. We walked around the boardwalk, played on the beach, saw the Neptune Festival Sand Sculptures, and hung out with my in-laws. They actually have a boat-themed playground set on the beach (around 10th street I think), which the toddler loved! Despite the chill and the wind, as soon as her feet hit the sand, the sweatshirt was off and she was digging! It was great for the baby too – her first time on the beach!!!  She was just hanging out, feeling the sand, kicking her legs, and checking out her bucket. The toddler was pretty good about sharing buckets (there were two, but she wanted both, one for sand and one for water). We did go down and get our feet wet, which was awesome. I love the beach and was sad that we did not go this year, but we are definitely planning a trip for next year!

Sunday we went to church, met my cousin for lunch, and headed back around 3. The drive back – being in the middle of the day, when the kids were not tired – was not as smooth sailing as we had hoped, but was entertaining! 30 minutes into the trip I was already tuning out the repetitive (WTH is up with the repetition?!) conversation with the toddler and didn’t catch on to “I’m taking a bath! I’m taking a real bath!” until my husband turned around and saw her pouring her water bottle out on her head!!! Hours later, incident forgotten, I gave her the water bottle back and again did not catch on the “it’s raining” until my husband turned around and caught her in the act again!  Luckily, there was considerably less water the second time around. We hit a fair amount of traffic and had to make a number of stops, but we managed to make it home by 8ish.

Overall, it was a great weekend, but not one I will be quick to repeat. Weekend getaways are great when you are single, and I think they can be great with two young kids, but next time I willl choose a destination no more than 1-2 hours away.

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