Monday, September 14, 2009

My Laundry System

It feels a bit ridiculous writing this because right now, my system is not working. But, when things are going well, and we are on schedule, this works great. I bought two 3-section laundry sorters, one for our room and one for the girls' room. Ours is obvious - darks, whites, delicates. For the girls room I separate it by the toddler, the baby, and blankets/burp cloths/etc. One of my biggest laundry issues is sorting and folding all the laundry, and when I had all the girls stuff in one load it took forever to sort and fold because there were too many items. What is up with baby laundry?! It's the worst - the socks, onesies, long-sleeve onesies, pants, outfits, blankets, burp cloths, sleep sacks, and I could go on and on, it's crazy! While the loads are generally smaller, unless I combine, they are also easier to fold and put away because I'm either going to one dresser, the other dresser, or the closet/bathroom (washcloths, towels).

As for getting the laundry done, I try to do one load per day, more on weekends if we are around. I get up and go to work early, so I'll throw a load in the washer before work. My husband goes in later since he does the morning routine and takes the girls to daycare, so before he goes to work he'll move the laundry to the dryer. When I get home from work the clothes are usually dry, and if they aren't, I'll restart the dryer to run while I make dinner, play with the girls, or what not. Then, when we settle in to watch tv, or while my husband takes the dog out before bed, I quickly fold and put away the laundry. I've found that this system of one load per day works great. It's also nice to come home to a dried load of laundry so it doesn’t feel like you've been up and down the stairs a million times.

Unfortunately, like I said, this system only seems to work when things are good and we are on schedule. If we go away for a weekend, get lazy for a few days, or have company, it's all downhill and can take me weeks to recover! Just this weekend I folded 3 loads of laundry, put them away, and then realized that those were the loads I did LAST week and had all FULL laundry baskets staring me in the face!!! Ugh...


  1. Ugh, laundry. YOu'd think because I'm home full time I'd have time to get my washing done. you'd be wrong.

  2. The laundry is what is eventually going to kill me. I just know it.