Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I'm not really cracking. I'm not really under pressure.

Though some days I feel that way.  Sometimes I'm cracking under pressure and some days I'm just plain cracking up.  Kids are funny that toddler can drive me to the brink of craziness and then bring me to tears of laughter with one look or phrase.  There are days when the toddler is tired and crazy, the baby is screaming, and my husband and I appear to be speaking a different language that I wonder how we got here and how I'll ever survive.  And then, I think, what is wrong with me?!  My kids are amazing. 

You hear the phrase, God doesn't give you more than you can handle.  Well, I'd say that's true for me.  I have no patience.  I've got lots of great qualities, but patience is a virtue I got too little of!  The toddler was such an easy baby, random strangers would comment on her amazing-ness.  And then, when I got pregnant, everyone from my family and friends, to strangers would tell me that I was in for it and the baby would be terribly difficult.  But, she isn't.  In fact, just recently, I turned to my husband and said, I always thought the toddler was the easiest baby ever, but the baby is even easier!  Naturally, they still drive me crazy and can make my head spin.  But, they are so freaking happy and content, it amazes me.  Okay, I'm done bragging. For today at least.

The toddler has mastered the art of manipulation.  At least of her father; I'm a tougher nut to crack!  The other day he looked at me and said, "you know, at daycare, they make her pull up her pants after she goes potty?", to which I replied, "so do I."  Then he said, "you know, at daycare, they make her try everything on her plate before they give her more food", to which I again replied, "so do I."  This went on for a few more things, and then he said "I guess I'm just a big softie".  Oh yeah.  BIG softie.  He has no willpower, all she has to do is lean over, smile cute, and say "I love you, daddy" and he is gone.  It melts my heart too, but she knows it won't get her out of eating her veggies!

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