Monday, September 21, 2009

why does daddy dress me like a homeless person?

We are so blessed to have such awesome family and friends, and because of their generosity we did not have to buy my daughter any clothes until she was 18 months old!  We got tons of new stuff, and TONS of used stuff - it was awesome!  As with most used stuff, some is good, some is bad, and some is so-so.  I have so-so t-shirts in my closet.  I wear these to lounge around the house.  I kept the so-so stuff for the girls for days when we weren't doing anything/going anywhere, or the laundry was so overfull that they had nothing else to wear.  I specifically line the bottom of the drawer with these items.  Yet, my husband always finds them, and not only does he find the slightly yellowed white shirt, or the ugly pants, but he then pairs them together in a horrendous outfit.  Why???  It's so awkward and difficult to work "daddy dressed you" into every conversation! 

Someone gave us this one-piece outfit that we affectionately titled the hammer-pants outfit (b/c it looked like hammer pants and was striped pink and yellow, with a solid pink top half).  I can't tell you how many times my daughter wore this outfit.  If I wasn't so scared the giver would ask to see the outfit grateful for everything we'd been given, I would have thrown it out to avoid the issue.  Just recently, we had the first school recital.  I, of course, had to work late - for the second time in the four months I've been at this job - so I met them at school.  I specifically laid out cute clothes because the toddler was singing with her class on stage and we'd have the baby with us, and I planned on taking lots of pictures.  My husband couldn't figure out if the overalls I laid out were for the baby or the toddler (they were sized 6 months...), so he dressed the baby in a random onesie instead of a cute coordinated outfit from the outfit drawer (I'm not sure he realizes I even have these clothes organized).  Then the toddler had an accident and peed on her outfit, so he changed her.  Instead of getting a cute dress out of the closet, he pulled out a denim jumper from her drawer, and paired it with a shirt that didn't match.  Not a big deal, except that the jumper doesn't have bloomers, so instead of borrowing some from a dress, he just put khaki shorts on under the dress.  It looked like she dressed herself in a variety of clothes from her drawer!  And it's all on camera, of course!

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  1. Fear not, my husband has the same sense of fashion when it comes to dressing my children. Not sure why because he manages to do fine for himself everyday. But, god forbid, we have to show up somewhere and he's gotten them dressed. It's exactly as you said-totally old and unmatched. They basically look like little homeless people!