Friday, September 25, 2009

A Little Friday Work Humor

One project I'm working involves gathering requirements from different divisions.  There is one division with a number of requirements, which are slightly complicated, and division chief gave us the most incompetent person ever to work with.  At first he was just annoying, but yesterday he was straight up CRAZYtown!

I talk to him a couple times during the day, and during our second conversation (after he's already gotten on my nerves), he asks me a question, and this is how the conversation goes:
Me:  "The best person to answer that is so-and-so."
Him:  "I can't talk to her.  I am dead to her.  She banished me from ever going over there again."
Me:  "Umm...okay...I'll talk to her then..."

Since when is it appropriate to "banish" someone from your office?  And can I do that? 

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